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Mini red dot pistol sights are quickly becoming the new, hot thing in the firearms industry. With pretty much every company that makes optics making one now it is becoming tough for anyone to stand out from the crowd. It was another red dot sight.

I got my chance at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. It has a kind of sight channel on the back which I love to see on a red dot. The sight window is the same 30mm with extremely clear glass, and the top-loading battery uses the commonly available CR battery. A simple up and down button on the left side. A light press of either will turn the sight on. Holding either for two seconds turns the sight off.

The NEW SIG P320X Compact (P320X-C) Review: eXcellent or "meh"-Xcellent?

One feature I really like is that when you turn the sight back on, it powers up to the same power setting you previously had set when you shut it off. When the sight is on and not being used for two minutes, it goes into a sleep mode. Once it senses movement it wakes back up. They did add a few features definitely geared toward a more competitive shooter market. A new upgraded point-source emitter provides increased brightness in day or night conditions with 12 brightness settings, all while boasting a battery life of up to 20, hours.

The molded glass aspheric lens has upgraded high-performance coatings as well for superior light transmittance and zero distortion. These features together give you fast, responsive target acquisition and accuracy.

The sight slides inside the steel housing and both the sight and housing are then locked into the mount. I think this might be the best feature of the Pro model. It provides excellent protection from bumps, drops, and dings that a competition shooter will experience during any match while allowing instant access to the controls and not adding much mass or weight at all.

SIG also includes a nice thick, well-fitting slip-on rubber lens cover. The new cover is a huge improvement over the cheap, floppy lens cover that came with the original ROMEO1.

Running through all the power settings you can really get the feel for how usable this new light emitter package actually is. A small 3 MOA dot can sometimes be a bit hard to acquire quickly. That is not the case with the new Pro model.

sig romeo 1 pro

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sig romeo 1 pro

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X5 Legion Romeo 1 Pro or Delta Point Pro

I am wanting to mount on my new Sig P X Compact. Looking at a model Romeo 1 which I believe is a older model. Then I see a model listed as Romeo 1 Pro. It appears to be a newer model that have more functions. But my questions is will the older model called Romeo 1 still have the same bolt up size pattern as the newer Romeo 1 Pro model? To fit on my P X compact. This message has been edited. If anyone else may be interested in the answer to my past question. Sig customer service contacted me back and advised the standard Romeo 1 will not fit the Compact X.

Because the holes will not align up correct. However the new Romeo 1 Pro will fit the Compact X that has the new foot print. I looked on Sigs web site.

Originally posted by If anyone else may be interested in the answer to my past question. Wow this seems more complicated then it needs to be. Thanks for the help. Originally posted by Wow this seems more complicated then it needs to be.

Foster's, Australian for Bud. Please Wait. Your request is being processed Contact Us SIGforum. Personal Zone.Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received 0. Did a search that turned really nothing. Likes Received I run a DPP on mine only because I already had one. If I had a Romeo 1 Pro I would have ran it. You will hear people complain about the DPP but the thing you need to remember there are hundreds of satisfied people for every complaint you read.

I think all slide mounted red dots can have issues if used in high round counts so the question is how good is the manufacture at taking care of the issue. Again there will be complaints about that too but look at how many that are used in competition. Bud Smith likes this. I love my DPP. I have it on a couple of my competition guns. I had the Romeo on my original X5.

It is chipped and worn badly, and you have to slap it against your hand a couple times to "shake" it awake.


It has left me leary of Sig RDS quality. Romeo1 Pro is quite new. This is perhaps the best endorsement. I had a Delta Point which kept turning off. Leupold great service dept. It also started turning off after 9 months. Leupold just replaced circuit board and sent back in 9 days.

They have super service but Still I have had 2 failures so I will see how the Romeo lasts. It has larger field of view and is much easier to turn on and off, also adjusting brightness is much easier. You can see dot while adjusting and you do not have to cycle through setting. Likes Received 6. Sold my Delta Point and bought a Romeo 1 Pro.

I have 2 Romeo 1s and they have been flawless. I like the Sig Optics. Likes Received 2.

sig romeo 1 pro

The Romeo 1 Pro seems to be as rare as hen's teeth. I probably would have given up and bought a DPP except for the concern the loaded chamber indicator causes powder to dirty up the lens. I'm now thinking about a SRO but I would prefer to avoid a plate, and I like the co-witness backup that is inherent with the Romeo 1 Pro. So far the inability to obtain my preferred optic has made my first foray into the Sig world a bit of a bummer.Every year SIG's product lines grow causing their already impressive booth to grow to tie Vista Outdoor for the largest on the floor.

The upside to the huge booth is they have just about every product they make on display for show-goers to look at and touch. There is an obvious downside to the giant booth, some of the unreleased gems get overlooked. Before we show you the hidden treasure, let's go over the new P XCompact. We are told that the Sub-Compact P has been discontinued and the new 3. SIG also appears to be slowly phasing out the use of the original P grip on newly introduced models, instead favoring the X Series grip.

The magazine capacity of the XCompact is rounds of 9mm. We were not made aware of any calibers being added beyond 9mm. Probably the most interesting feature of the slide is the optics cut. We took the gun apart and noticed that in addition to the flat X Series trigger, the internals look identical to other pistols in the line.

You still get that great trigger feel with positive reset and the modular chassis giving you the ability to configure the pistol for just about any mission or role you have. Check out the SIG website for more information. You know that Romeo 1 Pro and Romeo 2 we mentioned? SIG had quietly displayed some examples of the coming pistol optics in some display cubes in an easily overlooked area of their booth.

We spoke to SIG's Pistol Product Manager, Phil Strader, about the new optics and were told that the old Romeo 1 slide cut was being phased out in favor of the new DeltaPoint Pro cut that will accommodate the two new optics on display. Since they haven't been officially released Strader didn't have any specs on hand but did let us get behind the glass and take some close up photos. First up is the Romeo 2, a ruggedized version of the Romeo 1 Pro.

Interestingly, the Romeo 2 had some sights built into the rear of the MRDS body that had white dots but were non-adjustable. They appear to be intended to be used with suppressor height sights which explains the taller front sight on the display pistol. The Romeo 1 Pro looks to be an upgrade over the older Romeo 1 optic and appears to address a couple of common complaints about the older design.

We have seen consumers complain that the rear notch on the current Romeo 1 isn't rear sight like enough and they were unhappy that they couldn't use a more traditional back up rear sight. The new Romeo 1 Pro appears to add a large rear sight to the body of the dot. Another complaint often heard about the original Romeo 1 is that the frame around the window isn't robust enough.

People like Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics have shown in testing that the window of the optic can shatter when dropped or take an impact to the hood of the optic body. It appears that this part has also been beefed up but not quite to the extent that the Romeo 2's body has been ruggedized.

Patrick Roberts. Nikon P x40 Scope. Lone Wolf vs Power in Numbers. Now we've compiled over 50 of our most popular targets into this one digital PDF download. Print off as many as you like ammo not included.

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By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.This is a discussion on Romeo 1T vs. Romeo 1Pro? Perhaps I've just missed it, but I haven't been able to figure out the difference Romeo 1T vs.

User Name Remember Me? Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received I've read about a Romeo 1T and a Romeo 1Pro. Perhaps I've just missed it, but I haven't been able to figure out the difference between these two models. Can anyone educate me on the differences? Thanks much. Take a look at some earlier info in this link. Thanks for the links. However, the info in the link and the article don't address Romeo 1T vs. Romeo 1 Pro. Well, I'll just have to be patient until they are released.

HODY likes this. SMT likes this. Originally Posted by Zeros. Likes Received 9. This article shows photos of the two sights.

Where Does the SIG ROMEO1PRO Fit on the Red Dot Spectrum?

The Romeo 2 looks like it has a longer shroud.Can't seem to find any information on the net. Sent from my iPhone Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received 0. Does anybody know any information about these two particularly the Romeo 2? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

sig romeo 1 pro

Likes Received Spoke with Sig CS a few days ago regarding the Romeo1. During the course of conversation I inquired when the updated Romeo1 would be available.

He said it will be labeled as Romeo1 T and the availability will be "shortly"! I also asked about Romeo 2. He said that the info at Shot Show should not have been discussed. Said the introduction of Romeo 2 is "in the future"!!

Claymore likes this. Likes Received 1. What are the differences between Romeo 1, Romeo 1T, Romeo 2? Originally Posted by snakyjake. Originally Posted by Claymore Also found this snippet interesting: "SIG also appears to be slowly phasing out the use of the original P grip on newly introduced models, instead favoring the X Series grip. Not sure if I'm going to like the X grip.

I hope they fix the R1 reliability.

SIG Romeo1Pro

I had one go rounds, after 8 weeks got replaced. Sat until this week when it warmed up wisconsin and shot rounds and it dropped zero a foot. Any links on the R1T? I bet not. And I bet that the new one doesn't fit in the old one's slide cut.

Originally Posted by MLC7. Good article. I would not take that statement very seriously. That is pure opinion. The military now uses the standard grip along with hundrends of Police Departments. They will not phase it out. Powered by vBulletin 3.

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