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Rental Cars. Vacation Packages. Add a Place. See all photos. Province of Naples. Sorrento Sorrento. About Sorrento. Land of Mermaids. Land of Orange and Lemon Groves. Land of Colors. This small city in Campania has earned a plethora of alluring names. Famed for its sea cliffs, the town's steep slopes look out over azure waters to Ischia, Capri and the Bay of Naples.

The birthplace of Limoncello liqueur offers some good diving, great sea fishing, boat cruises and appetizing restaurants. Excellent hiking trails cross the peninsula. Rent a car or take a taxi if the steep streets look too intimidating.

Start planning for Sorrento. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map.A small resort with a big reputation, Sorrento is a town of lemons, high-pedigree hotels and plunging cliffs that cut through the heart of the historical core. Read More. Shore Excursions. Kid Friendly. National Geographic Journeys.

Local Living. We've pre-picked the best hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. South of Naples, the vertiginous and craggy Amalfi Coast has been a magnet for visitors since Roman times. Here's how to plan your trip there. Attention: World Pasta Day is 25 October. All diets are cancelled.

Join the celebration by visiting the birthplace of your favourite pasta shapes. Museo Correale di Terranova Sorrento Museum. Marina Grande Sorrento Harbour. Centro Storico Sorrento Area. Sedile Dominova Sorrento Historic Building. Villa Fiorentino Sorrento Gallery. Day tours. Explore all. Multi-day adventures. Featured videos. Stay at Amazing Places We've pre-picked the best hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Read more stories.A popular tourist destination, Sorrento is located on the Amalfi Coast at the south-eastern terminus of the Circumvesuviana rail line, within easy access from Naples and Pompeii.

The town is widely known for its small ceramicslacework and marquetry woodwork shops.

Sorrento, Italy Walking Tour - July 12, 2020

Sorrento's sea cliffs. Limoncelloa digestif made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar, is produced in Sorrento along with citrus fruit, wine, nuts and olives.

Sorrento, FL

The Roman name for Sorrento was Surrentum. Legends indicate a close connection between Lipara and Surrentum, as though the latter had been a colony of the former; and even through the Imperial period Surrentum remained largely Greek. The oldest ruins are Oscandating from about BC. Before its control by the Roman RepublicSurrentum was one of the towns subject to Nuceriaand shared its fortunes up to the Social War ; it seems to have joined in the revolt of 90 BC like Stabiae ; and was reduced to obedience in the following year, when it seems to have received a colony.

Numerous sepulchral inscriptions of Imperial slaves and freedmen have been found at Surrentum. An inscription shows that Titus in the year after the earthquake of 79 AD restored the horologium clock of the town and its architectural decoration. A similar restoration of an unknown building in Naples in the same year is recorded in an inscription from the last-named town. The most important temples of Surrentum were those of Athena and of the Sirens the latter the only one in the Greek world in historic times ; the former gave its name to the promontory.

In antiquity, Surrentum was famous for its wine oranges and lemons which are now widely cultivated there were not yet introduced in Italy in antiquityits fish, and its red Campanian vases; the discovery of coins of MassiliaGauland the Balearic Islands here indicates the extensive trade which it carried on. The position of Surrentum was very secure, protected by deep gorges.

The only exception to its natural protection was metres feet on the south-west where it was defended by walls, the line of which is necessarily followed by those of the modern town. The arrangement of the modern streets preserves that of the ancient town, and the disposition of the walled paths which divide the plain to the east seems to date in like manner from Roman times. No ruins are now preserved in the town itself, but there are many remains in the villa quarter to the east of the town on the road to Stabiae, of which traces still exist, running much higher than the modern road, across the mountain; the site of one of the largest possibly belonging to the Imperial house is now occupied by the Hotel Victoria, under the terrace of which a small theatre was found in ; an ancient rock-cut tunnel descends hence to the shore.

Greek and Oscan tombs have also been found. Another suburb lay below the town and on the promontory on the west of it; under the Hotel Sirena are substructions and a rock-hewn tunnel. To the north-west on the Capo di Sorrento is another villa, the so-called Bagni della Regina Giovannawith baths, and in the bay to the south-west was the villa of Pollius Felix, the friend of Statiuswhich he describes in Silvae ii. Farther west again are villas, as far as the temple of Athena on the promontory named after her at the extremity of the peninsula now Punta Campanella.

Neither of this nor of the famous temple of the Sirens are any traces existing. The ancient city was probably connected to the Ausoni tribe, one of the most ancient ethnic groups in the area.

In the pre-Roman age Sorrento was influenced by the Greek civilization : this can be seen in its plant and in the presence of the Athenaiona great sanctuary, also, according to the legend, founded by Ulysses and originally devoted to the cult of the Sirenshence Sorrento's name. Sorrento became an archbishopric around AD. The Lombardswho conquered much of southern Italy in the second half of the 6th century, besieged it in vain.

In the following centuries the authority of the distant Empire of Byzantium faded; initially part of the substantially independent Duchy of Napleslater Sorrento became in turn an autonomous duchy in the 9th century. Sorrentine forces took part in the anti-Saracen leagues at the battles of Licosa and Ostia The duchy was ruled by figures elected by the people, which received honorary titles from the Byzantine Emperor.

After a brief return under the Duchy of Naples, it returned in Lombard hands with Gisulf II of Salerno ; when the latter was defeated by Robert GuiscardSorrento entered the Norman sphere of influence: any residual independence was ended in when it was conquered by Roger II of Sicilyand annexed to the Kingdom of Sicily. On 13 June it was sacked by elements of the Ottoman navy under the command of Dragut and his lieutenant Piali, as part of the struggle between the Turks and Spain, which controlled the southern half of Italy at that time.

This struggle was waged throughout the Mediterranean and lasted many decades. The attackers were not "pirates" as often characterised, though some may have been mercenaries from North Africa.

The campaigns were conducted on the direct orders of Sultan Suleiman. The most striking event of the following century was the revolt against Spanish domination ofled by Giovanni Grillo.From March 25th the connections will be available on the Salerno — Amalfi — Positano line.

From April 1st, the connections on the Salerno Circumvesuviana train: the cheapest way to reach Sorrento from Naples is the Circumvesuviana train Departure from Naples Porta Garibaldi to Sorrento Piazza Tasso The starting point can only be the central square of Sorrento, named in honor of the poet Torquato Tasso who was born here. In a corner o Sorrento historical centre: wonders to discover It has always been a tourist destination of excellence, Sorrento, frequented by visitors on the Grand The Minori stop is temporarily suspended, we will update the timetables as soon as it becomes available again.

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More and more foreigners choose to get married in Sorrento. Discover with Sorrento Info how to plann The poets described Naples as being as beautiful and attractive as a virgin, but mysterious and sensual as an odalisque. And there must have been a r The Archaeological excavations of Pompeii are among the most popular and renowned throughout the world for here, more than anywhere else, it is possib Discovering Vico Equense, the gastronomic excellence of the Sorrento Coast dotted with traditional festivals and genuine products.

View Image. Maison Tofani Sorrento 1. Maison La Minervetta Sorrento 2. Hotel Bellevue Syrene 3. Grand Hotel La Favorita 4. Hotel Excelsior Vittoria 5. Circumvesuviana train timetable from Naples t A walk in Sorrento Piazza Tasso The starting point can only be the central square of Sorrento, named in honor of the poet Torquato Tasso who was born here.

Sorrento historical centre: a stroll through Recent Posts Circumvesuviana train timetable from Naples t How to Get to Sorrento Geographical Position. View Image View Post. Get married in Sorrento More and more foreigners choose to get married in Sorrento.Travel from Naples to Sorrento or vice versa by private transfer via a Mercedes vehicle with Sorrento is not part of the Amalfi Coast in a geographical sense, but instead is located on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

It is a popular choice to use as a base for visiting the entire surrounding coastline and nearby sights and islands because it is well connected to the Amalfi CoastCapriIschiaPompeiiand Herculaneum. From Naples, you can reach Sorrento by using the Cirumvesuviana rail line, or by taking a ferry from the Naples port or direct bus from the airport. From Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast, there are public Sita buses and ferries. Since the elegant time of the Grand Tour, Sorrento has been one of the most popular destinations in southern Italy.

With its picturesque coastal cliffs rising dramatically above the Mediterranean, its bustling town center, and its sweeping views over the water, this resort town attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Things to Do in Sorrento, Italy - Sorrento Attractions

It is both an unforgettable town to explore and a convenient base for touring the surrounding coastline and sights. Sorrento is a town worth touring at a leisurely pace, meandering through the narrow streets of the historic centersipping a cappuccino in the lively Piazza Tassoand stopping to admire the spectacular sunset from the scenic over look at the public Villa Comunale park. Along the lanes lined with shops and artisan workshops, you can also tour the town's monumental churches like the Cathedral and the Basilica di Sant'Antonino, historic Medieval palazzos, and the remains of the ancient defensive walls which once protected the city from attack.

If you would like to take a traditional souvenir from Sorrento home with you, the shops in the center of town are worth a browse. Shop along the main thoroughfare of Corso Italia for clothing and fashion boutiques and the lanes of the historic center like Via San Cesareo and its cross streets for workshops making inlaid wood, leather goods, artisan limoncelloand shops selling local gourmet treats. Restaurants, cafes, gelaterias, delis, pastry shops, and wine shops For an espresso or glass of winethe most popular cafes are those which line Piazza Tasso, the town's main square.

Here is where you can while away an hour sipping a drink and people watching. For a fish or seafood dinneryou'll need to head down the to Marina Grande at the bottom of the cliff. This lovely fishing village on the waterfront has a number of informal and fine dining restaurants overlooking the bay. More information about Sorrento.

Departure from: Sorrento, Positano. Duration 8 hours. Departure from: Naples, Sorrento. Duration 1 hour Night 1 hour. Departure from: Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano.

Duration 7 hours. Departure from: Sorrento, Rome. Duration 4 hours. Departure from: Amalfi. Duration 10 hours. Departure from: Sorrento.Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Things to Do in Sorrento Sorrento Tours. When are you traveling? Clear Dates.


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Historical Tours. Wine Tastings. Explore Sorrento. Vesuvius Volcano from Sorrento reviews.We really enjoyed the secret hot springs and homemade ice cream (Efstidalur) that Arnar made notes of on our map. The map with the highlighted routes and stops was a lifesaver. The planning and prebookings were also a relief so everything was along the way and easy to get through. Overall, we were impressed with how well planned everything was. All the guesthouses we stayed in were very very comfortable.

Much better than we had expected and the owners were all lovely. We always had a good home cooked breakfast and sometimes a dinner was provided at a cost of course.

We were so glad we had chosen the "budget" accommodation to experience being in someone's home and meeting others staying there.


Would highly recommend this type of accommodation. Found driving around Iceland quite easy. It is the only way to do it rather than be with a tour bus. The GPS helped a lot as did the general maps. The main map was excellent where our route was plotted out for us.

Just loved the whole experience. Each day seemed to be better than the previous such a beautiful country of contrasts. Put plenty of photos on Facebook and so many of our friends did not realise how amazing and picturesque Iceland is. The day tours were excellent, particularly the ones from Hofn, Isafjordur and Akureyri.


We are really grateful to the guides on these tours for making them so interesting and special. This vacation was our honeymoon.

We had just got married in the states a few days prior to the start of our trip. We had the most incredible experience. Everything was just wonderful. Working with our travel agent, Maria, for months prior, could not have been a better experience. She was so helpful, always quick to respond, answered all of my (many.

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