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September 24, PM edited September Hi Holotable Heroes, Grand Arena Championships wrapped up yesterday and it's a good time to talk about the plans for the next Championship.

Our goal with Grand Arena Championship is to make each event feel unique with new feats, titles or even new mechanics. The changes for Championship 2 are not ready yet, so, instead of delaying entirely, we will rerun the Championship with the same feats and titles as before. This gives us time to finish making changes and you the chance to continue to earn rewards while trying out a full Grand Arena Championship with Relics.

We also have a valuable opportunity to gather some useful data on matchmaking and character balance with Relics in Grand Arena.

swgoh grand arena schedule

This Championship will be functionally the same as last time. Good luck in the next Grand Arena Championship and see you on the Holotables!

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swgoh grand arena schedule

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swgoh grand arena schedule

Caw Patrol Caw Patrol. AWA MandaIore 0. AWA MandaIore.Got questions about Grand Arena Championships? Ask them here! Grand Arena Championships Coming Soon! Original Post Direct link. Players will also complete special new limited-time challenges called Feats.

For now, Championships will run for roughly 5 weeks — 4 Grand Arena matches and then a 1 week long review period at the end and possibly some amount of cooldown before the next Championship begins. Winning Grand Arena rounds is the most important driver of Championship Score. League Promotion Over the course of a Championship, as players hit certain Championship Score milestones, they will be promoted to the next League.

With higher league promotions comes a tougher set of opponents in the next Grand Arena, and, of course, even bigger bragging rights. Players will get rewards from each Grand Arena round, from each match, from completing Feats, and from the end of the Championship. The end of Championship rewards are rewards that you can redeem for Gear 12 finishers and other high-end gear for your collection more details to follow in the coming days.

Hitting Kyber League is incredibly challenging and will require the player to win most or all of their Grand Arena rounds, play efficiently and optimize their GA Banner count, and complete Feats. Obviously, players who make it to Kyber League during a Championship will receive the biggest reward payout.

More to Come Locking mods causes app softlock.Hello everyone! This guide has been written in the context of my own Grand Arena bracket which is currently around 4.

Grand Arena Championships (S6, W2) Round 2 Recap -- Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH

Updated expected defense and counters. Rewritten most team descriptions. In the rest of the guide I will use shorthand and just so everyone knows what I mean, I will give the full team descriptions here. There are lots of variations of this team so I went with the Meta Report from swgoh. The top performing team currently actually includes Mother Talzin and Nightsister Zombie but since that wrecks our Nightsister team and Grand Arena is all about efficiency I chose to go with the second best version for this guide.

This team is all about landing dots and calling assists. Rex, Ewoks, and Bastila Shan are the main teams to take these guys out. This zeta is also just good in general to score some extra banners for full health and protection. The best use for the clankers has not really been figured out yet. Once optimized they can take out both Revans as well as many other top tier teams. I went with the budget version here however which usually does fine for me on defense.

CLS and Mother Talzin are this teams biggest counters so make sure to save these teams for that reason if you notice your opponent is a big droid fan.

It took him a while but Jango has finally established a name for himself and deserved a solid place in this guide and in our hearts. The main things he brings to the table are his speed buff and his ability to circumvent tanks.

Combined with the resurrection prevention this team has, they are an excellent counter to Nightsisters. What makes them even more interesting is that they can take out Darth Revan.

Make sure you come prepared though when you try this at home. Still a force to be reckoned with, and for most people still an unpassable barrier. Since this team still beats anything on offense, bar some specific Darth Revan setups, I found that most people prefer to hold it back.

The team becomes quite a bit weaker this way but if you have a strong opponent he will beat it either way and this way you leave yourself a strong extra team. The fourth and fifth members of this team are highly flexible. Sith Trooper and Count Dooku are popular choices for defense as they are silver bullets against some popular counters. Sith trooper holds the door against Bastila teams and Count Dooku throws a wrench into any Magmatrooper shenanigans.

This composition is pretty much set in stone. Other First Order members will be slight to big downgrades depending who they replace. With the departure of zFinn and the arrival of Murderbears as their main counter, I think this is a fantastic use of the Mirialan if you have her.

The last two slots again are highly flexible. Since I missed the boat on Revan the first time around, I had to rely on this mothly crew to climb in arena for months. With great mods and enough practice they can take out the strongest Revan out there but a safer bet is to use them against Traya which this team steamrolls.

Whatever you do, stay away from Nightsisters.

Original Post

This team has been on the rise for a while but lack of utility beyond Territory Wars and now Grand Arena still makes it a bit of a rare sight outside of whale territory.

Young Lando helps spread the Prepared buff and hands out some annoying stealth but he is not mandatory by any means. Troopers, Carth and Traya all beat it. That way if your opponent sets their Traya on defense or has used it on something else already, he or she is pretty much screwed.

Once again a flexible team.December Gameplay How often does the bug occur? I know others have had the same issue. Seriously don't think i would have missed the login, since i did check the GA earlier and actually won my first round. This second iteration did not even show for me. Only thing i got was the review period of sorts for the first round. I'll be missing out on any rewards for this issue.

And now since you decided to delete one TW and give those rewards inside the GA event, i'll be missing on those as well. Seriously not a happy camper right now. Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I actually have no clue. Since this is happening to others as well, i'm only guessing it's because of a few select OS types?

This is what i get instead of what other are getting i. Well I had the same issue than you. Been clicking on the holo table since the second test event ended. Also never got in-game notification toast icon on the main cantina screen. So as a result for missing GA because of a buggy game mode, i will be missing TW rewards as well.

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swgoh grand arena schedule

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Prophet of Korador Reporting game data - units, runes, events, Report player rosters where existing More info. Invite Premium. Recommend next zetas or gear based on your roster Recommend team compositions based on your roster Authenticate to check tickets and guild event participation Authenticate to export unequipped mods and gear More info.

ARIES Personal Monitor your character and ship arenas and recieve DM alerts when dropped Lite Bot Provide monitoring for your whole userbase or alliance Direct connection to game for zero api-bottlenecks Full Bot includes above Reporting arena details such as payout times, payout history, squad compositions Customize your notifications on climbs, dropps, payouts, and more Compare you your roster, or custom roster with your grand arena opponents Maximiaze your shard rewards with rotation, attack and avoid suggestions More info.

LEO Reporting guild details such as units, zetas, relics, mods Organize, visualize and dispatch your TW defenses Check tickets, raid, TW and TB participation and spam inactive users Estimate territory battle completion and rewards Direct connection to game for zero api-bottlenecks More info.Also welcomed was info on when we can next compete in the championship! Grand Arena returns this Monday, August 19th.

CG is continuing the 4 weeks fighting, 1 week resting format. There was always something a little off with players being matched with competitive players in higher or lower divisions. This could result in large GP gaps, but more importantly, it meant lower GP players would sometimes have to set more defenses than usual.

A player in Division 2 that loses to a Division 1 player in a match-up is not competing with them on the leaderboards, making the leaderboards unreliable in determining the best players within a GP range.

Not anymore! Matchmaking is performed only within your division so you always know how many teams to set and who you have the potential to get matched up with.

Other changes implemented now are a clear way to determine tie-breakers and a penalty for non-participants. Ties go to the player with the higher total GP. Points must now be earned, even if that means just a simple manually setting of defenses and attempting a single battle on offense.

Too much work, right? CG says these feats may rotate in and out, so prepare your clones and seps ahead of time these are really cool portraits.

A few new titles have been added as well to show how high a league you have reached in Grand Arena Championships. There are special titles for rank 1 in Kyber and in Kyber for extra bragging rights. The best hint that more changes are coming to make GAC even better is the mention of improving scoring to promote more balanced play.

By balanced play, I assume they mean a way to reward players who set strong defenses and also do well on offense. Currently, high points and victory goes solely to the player that wins more offensive battles efficiently. Someone can set a team of jawas, tuskens, and Jedi rejects on defense yet still be the overall winner because they were able to use their best teams on offense more efficiently. My most requested feature is scoring that rewards teams left standing on defense and rewards a high number of holds on defense.

This would ensure tougher match-ups, since the best strategy right now is to save Darth Revan and Jedi Knight Revan for offense to ensure a player can full clear the enemy. How do you think Grand Arena can be improved? Leave your thoughts in the comments. God bless, and may the force be with you. If you got a problem, yo!

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